Customer Testimonials


"Okay SO I got my samples and I hafta say I am SOLD! 😍 I was skeptical of course but first of all I got the samples PLUS a mouthwash sample, a whole bamboo toothbrush AND a toothpaste tube squeezer! Which actually is a lifesaver for me because I'm disabled. I was so excited to try the cinnamon tea tree and I'll admit at first I didn't feel like it was cleaning only because there wasn't that harsh chemical feel. BUT I was wrong my mouth and teeth feel so good and it tasted delicious! The brush is also nice and soft which I love. Thank you, Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste"

- Ashley T.


"I’m not normally one to be wowed by many products especially toothpaste but you guys have really provided an amazing product!! My daughter gets excited about brushing her teeth now 🙂 that’s a huge win in my book we we’ve tried everything and she’s always hated and dreaded it! 🙂 thanks for providing an affordable sample as well so that we actually had a chance to fall in love with it too!! It’s very rare to get true samples of things that don’t secretly come with either an expensive shipping charge or a fine print subscription attached! 🙂"

- Robin O.


"This stuff is AMAZING!!! I used it last night for the 1st time, & woke up with fresh breath this morning and my mouth still feeling clean! I LOVE the toothbrush & toothpaste!!! I have yet to use the mouthwash sample, but I'm sure that it's just as amazing. I'd gone back to using Crest 3D Whitening after trying Tom's. My teeth got sensitive right away & I had this nasty slimy feeling in my mouth after using the Crest. None of that after using Coral Nano!!! DEFINITELY worth buying!!! I can't wait to see how well it goes with continued use. Thanks! I'll be purchasing a full size after I get done with the samples for sure! 💜💜💜🙏"

- Bridget


"I got my free trial, and I LOVE them!! I also love the fact that I don't have to worry about my toddler swallowing it, bc its actually healthy, yes, healthy toothpaste. I tried the TWICE brand before this, and I loved that too...but, this, with the silver is just a step above. I use silver in my house on everyone everyday, no one gets sick. But, I digress......if you're debating, go for it!! The tubes are a decent size for a "sample" you get all 3 flavors that are all amazing. I def recommend this. The biggest difference I noticed was in brushing my tongue.....its so clean, pink and healthy after wards, way better than the store bought poison ones, Great job, Coral!!!! A+++++"

- Marci M.


"I've been using all kinds of natural products lately as after having a tooth pulled that could have been saved with root canal recently not able to go in to get all this other dental work definitely visibly other more cavities I just relied on the natural toothpaste and this one seems exceptional I was very impressed with the samples and toothbrush thank you thank you"

- Anonymous