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Try Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste Flavors & Exhilarating Mouthwash Pack that includes:

2- Coral Nano 4oz Toothpastes Fresh Mint Flavor

2- Coral Nano 4oz Toothpastes Bubble Berry Flavor

(Or all 4 of the flavor of your choice)

1- Coral Nano Exhilarating 12 oz Mint Mouthwash

4- Toothpaste Tube Squeezers

4- All Natural Coral Nano Bamboo Toothbrush

This combo pack provides you 2 tubes of each of our delicious toothpaste flavors, a large bottle of our mouthwash, and all the accessories you need to begin your journey to Nano Fresh!

Key Ingredients in Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste

Nano Silver Solution- Water Alternative, Healthy Preservative

Coral Calcium- Abrasive agent and trace minerals

Xylitol- Anti Cavity, Sweetener

Hydrated Silica- Thickener

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract- Antioxidant

Hydrastis Canadensis (GoldenSeal) extract- Antibiotic

Panax Ginseng Root Extract- Anti-inflammatory

Echinacea Angustifolia Extract- Hyper Sensitivity

Panax Ginseng Root Extract- Antioxidant


Mint- Mentha Piperita oil- Flavor and Mentha Arvenis- Flavor

Bubble Berry-Berry Flavor WONF- Natural flavor provides the flavors of strawberry or raspberry.

Coral Nano MouthWash Ingredients

Water - Solvent

Nano silver solution -- antibacterial, anti-fungal properties

Xylitol- sugar alcohol sweetener, does not promote tooth decay

Sorbitol - - low calorie, sugar alcohol sweetener

Glycerin - skin humectant

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice- anti-inflammatory

Citric Acid- acidulent

Mentha Piperita (peppermint) flavor and /or fragrance, inhibits skin irritants and itchiness and redness.

Polysorbate 20 - emulsifier

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil Mint-- reduces skin redness and swelling, antimicrobial.

Experience The Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste Difference

The world’s first toothpaste with ECOSAFE Coral Calcium and SilverSol Nano Silver. Experience healthy, clean teeth and gums like never before. Made with 11ppm nano-silver, Coral Calcium, xylitol and therapeutic grade peppermint oil for a powerful, non toxic, anti-plaque, fluoride-free toothpaste that is gluten-free. Of course, we never test our products on animals.





Naturall Whitens Teeth helps remineralize teeth, making them stronger and brighter.

Proven to kill 99.99% of germs that cause bad breath

Fluoride-Free, 100% Safe to Swallow

Works While You Sleep - Works up to 12 hours after brushing

Probiotic Friendly - kills all the harmful bacteria but keeps the good ones

Taste's great! Picky kid and parent approved!


Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste

Packs the power of Coral Calcium, Xylitol and “Nature’s Antibiotic”, Nano Silver. It is designed to strengthen and restore enamel while safely killing over 650 types of bacteria and pathogens. Providing you with a healthy, fresh, all over clean feeling in your mouth. When you use Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste, you'll be naturally whitening your teeth and you will be fighting against bad breath, gum disease, and plaque build up!

Why is Coral Nano Silver "Exhilarating Mint" Mouthwash Better Than Any Other Mouthwash?

Coral Nano Silver "Exhilarating Mint" Mouthwash is scientifically proven to Kill 99.99% of germs and leave your mouth feeling...well... exhilarated! Not only is it non-toxic, but if you accidentally swallow while using you don’t need to call poison control! Get Results Faster!
Amplify your results by using Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste and Coral Nano Silver "Exhilarating Mint" Mouthwash together as your daily oral routine!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident you're going to LOVE making the switch to Coral Nano Silver for all of your oral care needs, that we offer a 30 days monday back guranetee on all our products!

Our Customers Smiling Bright!


"Hands down the best natural toothpaste on the market! Even my kids and husband approve :) I love how squeaky clean my mouth feels and my teeth have never been so white!"


"By far my favorite toothpaste ever! Coral Nano is amazing, tastes great, is natural and fluoride free! It does everything I need in a toothpaste - whitens my teeth, strengthens my enamel and freshens my breath! Highly recommend!"


"It’s amazing, I brush my teeth at night and wake up with fresh breath, no film or morning breath just a happy clean mouth. So happy I made the switch!"


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