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Naturally whitens teeth giving a brighter, whiter smile.

✔ Kills over 650 types of pathogens, 99.99% of the bad breath causing germs.
✔ Fluoride-Free, 100% safe to swallow.
Anti-Plaque. Fights bacteria for 12 hours after use.
Natural "burn free" toothpaste that taste's great. Picky kid approved!
✔ Probiotic Friendly - kills the bad bacteria, keeps the good ones.

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Coral's natural formula is free of fluoride and the chemicals found in many regular and name brand toothpastes.

Child-friendly and completely safe to swallow, Coral's all-natural ingredients provide a powerful but chemical-free oral-care option:

Nano Silver - known as "Nature's Antibiotic", kills bacteria while remaining probiotic friendly, and acts as a natural preservative

ECOSAFE Coral Calcium - neutralizes acid to restore pH balance to the mouth

Xylitol - a natural sweetener that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Thousands Of Happy Nano Silver Smiles

Benefits Of All-Natural Coral Products

Safe For The Entire Family
Safe to Swallow
Paraben Free
No Preservatives
All-Natural Whitening
All-Natural Ingredients
Coral Calcium
Contains 73 Trace Minerals
Patented SilverSol®
Silver Super-Charged with
Nano Technology
All-Natural Sweetener
Bacteria-Killing Tech
Nano Silver Kills 99.99% of Germs
Whitening Power
Coral Calcium Naturally Stains Teeth
Anti-Plaque / Anti-Tooth Decay
Lasts 12 Hours
Promotes Overall Good Health
Neutralizes Acid
Healthier Mouth &
Digestive System
Probiotic Friendly
Targets Only Bad Bacteria
Gluten Free
Xanthan Gum Natural
Thickening Agent
Environmentally Safe
Certified Friend of the Sea
Pollution-Free Coral Calcium
Harvested Above Sea
Proven Safe & Effective
Hundreds of Clinical Studies

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