Coral Calcium Nature's Secret for Bone Health

Modern science reveals coral calcium's wealth of essential minerals.

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Legend speaks of age-old sailors rejuvenating
with mystical waters near coral reefs.

As we delve into its myriad health benefits, coral calcium emerges as
a marine marvel, offering more than just skeletal support.

Understanding Coral Calcium

When choosing coral calcium supplements, it's important to understand the source: reef-derived or fossilized coral. Reef coral calcium is harvested from live coral reefs and involves environmental concerns due to the potential impact on delicate marine ecosystems. In contrast, fossilized coral calcium is sourced from ancient coral deposits on land, avoiding direct harm to current marine biodiversity. Both types provide essential calcium and trace minerals beneficial for bone and overall health, but fossilized coral calcium is preferred for its eco-friendly extraction process and minimal environmental footprint.

Choose the purest form of calcium with our fossilized coral calcium supplements! Unlike marine-sourced alternatives, our fossilized coral calcium is harvested from ancient coral deposits, This unique origin means it's naturally free from the pollutants that often affect today's oceans, such as heavy metals, industrial waste, and plastic contaminants. With our supplements, you benefit from a pristine source of essential minerals and trace elements, without the environmental toxins commonly found in marine environments. Opt for health, purity, and peace of mind with our eco-friendly, pollutant-free coral calcium.

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Origins and Composition

Coral calcium is a natural calcium carbonate mineral supplement, primarily comprised of calcium carbonate derived from fossilized coral reefs. These structures are rich in bioavailable calcium and trace minerals.


Sourced fossilizd coral deposits, coral calcium is notable for its ecological origins and balanced mineral content key to bodily functions. It includes a distinct array of trace elements beyond calcium.

over 70 trace minerals

Coral calcium surpasses ordinary supplements with its wide spectrum of 73 Trace minerals.

The composition of coral calcium also stands out due to its alkaline properties, which contribute to its potential benefits in the human body. Its harvesting process from ancient reefs preserves the natural mineral balance, offering a unique form of calcium that is supportive of overall well-being.

Comparison with Traditional Calcium

Traditional calcium supplements are often derived from limestone or synthetic calcium. Coral calcium, however, comes from fossilied coral reefs.

The bioavailability of calcium in coral sources may be superior to traditional supplements. This is due to the presence of trace minerals that assist in calcium absorption.

Moreover, coral calcium tends to have an alkaline effect on body pH, which isn't a characteristic of standard calcium supplements. This factor could influence the mineral's role in health.

Critics argue that both sources effectively supply essential calcium, but coral's additional minerals may enhance bodily functions. The debate continues regarding if the origin of calcium impacts its health benefits.

In summary, coral calcium's unique origin and mineral composition distinguish it from traditional calcium sources, presenting possible additional health advantages.


Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement

Discover the Power of Coral Calcium Supplements for Optimal Health

The Benefits:

  • Comprehensive calcium supplement with 70 trace minerals
  • 900 mg of pure coral calcium, vitamin D 30 mcg (1200 IU), 168 mg magnesium.
  • Supports bone health and density.
  • Promotes a balanced pH in the gut.
  • Easily digestible and absorbed.
  • protective effects against oxidative stress.
  • Supports heart and muscle Function.

Coral Complex is a comprehensive highly bioavailable coral calcium supplement with 900 mg of coral calcium, 1200 IU of Vitamin D and 168 mg of magnesium that may help prevent osteoporosis and optimize health.

Coral Complex was one of the original (1999) powdered coral capsules in the USA. Coral Complex also delivers more than 70 trace minerals which are also essential to skeletal health, pH balance and heart and muscle function. Coral complex is ECO SAFE, NON GMO project verified and made with above sea coral calcium to ensure  that the ocean is never touched when harvesting this product.


Nutritional Advantages

Coral calcium distinguishes itself from other calcium sources through its synergistic blend of  70 trace minerals, which are not only pivotal for bone health but are also crucial for numerous enzymatic processes.

These trace elements, such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc, serve as cofactors in metabolic pathways, enhancing the bioactivity and efficacy of calcium within the body. Additionally, the structured framework of coral calcium may facilitate better absorption and utilization, positioning it as a superior form of calcium that potentially offers enriched nutritional benefit.

Trace Minerals Boost

Coral calcium has with a multitude of trace minerals fundamental for human health.

1. Magnesium: Essential for over 300 biochemical reactions and supports skeletal integrity.
2. Zinc: Vital for immune function, wound healing, and DNA synthesis.
3. Selenium: Contributes to antioxidant defense and thyroid hormone metabolism.
4. Potassium: Regulates fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.
5. Boron: Influences the body’s use of estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D. These elements synergistically enhance calcium's role within the body. Trace minerals in coral calcium are critical for optimizing physiological processes.

Their presence facilitates elevated bioactivity and absorption of calcium, emphasizing coral calcium's holistic contribution to wellness.

Enhanced Absorption Rate

Coral calcium's notable bioavailability means it is more readily absorbed by the body compared to other forms.

1. Stomach Acidity: We add Malic Acid and Betaine HCI to the capusles which will help to lower stomach pH.  This will help to enhance dissolution and absorption of calcium.
2. Bone Formation: this may help in ading osteoblasts in creating new bone matrix, ensuring efficient use of calcium.
3. Vitamin D Synergy: Works in concert with vitamin D to increase the rate of calcium uptake. Efficient absorption is a cornerstone of coral calcium's effectiveness in supporting skeletal health. This expedited uptake aids in the calcium absorption and promotes overall well-being.

Health Impact and Uses

Coral calcium is a form of natural calcium carbonate derived from fossilized coral reef.  Unlike other forms of calcium, coral calcium contains a variety of trace minerals, like magnesium and potassium, that complement its health benefits. These minerals bolster the body's calcium utilization, enhancing its efficacy in maintaining bone density and overall mineral balance. This heightened assimilation may be particularly advantageous for individuals seeking to mitigate the risk of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.


As a dietary supplement, coral calcium is frequently employed to augment daily calcium intake, especially for those who may not receive sufficient levels from their diet. Rich in elemental calcium, it serves as a pivotal component for numerous physiological functions beyond bone health, including muscle contraction Its contribution to maintaining the acid-alkaline balance (pH level) in the body is also noteworthy. By helping to maintain this balance, coral calcium facilitates an environment conducive to health reinforcing its role as a substantial dietary component.

Bone Health and Density

Coral calcium is renowned for its capacity to bolster bone density and support skeletal integrity. This mineral-rich supplement sources calcium from fossilized coral beds.

The bioavailability of coral calcium distinguishes it from other calcium supplements. Its unique molecular structure favors efficient absorption, which may be critical for the maintenance and replenishment of bone tissue.

Moreover, coral calcium contains a natural balance of trace minerals, such as magnesium and potassium, which are imperative for the proper formation of bone matrix. These minerals may aid in the deposition of calcium into the bone, enhancing skeletal strength and durability.

Ongoing research suggests that a regimented intake of coral calcium may play a pivotal role in preventing bone resorption – the process by which bone mass deteriorates. This may reduce the prevalence of osteopenia and osteoporosis among aged populations.

For individuals predisposed to calcium deficiencies or bone health disorders, coral calcium presents an efficacious alternative. Its utilization may lead to improved bone health outcomes, underscoring its potential as a therapeutic supplement.

bone health and density

Coral Complex the Perfect Formula for Optimal Bone Health

Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement
Coral Complex³ Natural Coral Calcium Supplement

Coral Complex is the perfect formula for promoting optimal bone health and density. With its synergistic blend of over 70 trace minerals, including essential elements like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. This supplement is fortified with 1200 IU of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in supporting bone health, immune function, and overall wellness.Coral Complex provides the necessary building blocks for strong and healthy bones. This unique formulation is designed to support bone mineralization, enhance bone density, and maintain overall skeletal integrity. By incorporating Coral Complex into your daily routine, you can take proactive steps towards maintaining and improving your bone health. Experience the power of Coral Complex and you may unlock the potential for stronger, denser bones.

Advantages of Above Sea Fossilized Coral Calcium

above sea coral

Above sea fossilized coral calcium supplements offers several advantages compared to other sources of calcium. One significant advantage is that it is obtained from coral that is one mile inland from the ocean and more then 1,200 ft above sea level , ensuring that it is free from pollutants and contaminants that may be present in oceanic environments.

This eco-safe approach to sourcing coral calcium helps to protect and preserve the delicate balance of coral reefs, which are vital ecosystems. By choosing above sea fossilized coral calcium, you can support sustainable practices and contribute to the conservation of coral reefs. Additionally, above sea coral calcium provides a high-quality and pure form of calcium, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits for your bone health without harming the environment.

pH Balance and Digestive Function

Coral calcium's alkaline nature aids in neutralizing excess stomach acid, promoting a balanced pH in the gut. This balance is crucial for optimal digestive enzyme function and nutrient absorption.

It has been observed that the bioavailability of nutrients can be compromised in highly acidic environments. Coral calcium, with its buffering capacity, may help in maintaining an environment conducive to digestive efficiency.

In addition to pH regulation, coral calcium contributes minerals essential for digestive enzymes' synthesis and function. These enzymes play an instrumental role in breaking down food, ensuring a smooth digestive process.

pH Balance and Digestive Function

Furthermore, the maintenance of a balanced internal pH through coral calcium supplementation can reduce the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort, such as acid reflux. This prevention of over-acidity contributes to overall digestive wellness.

In sum, coral calcium serves not only as a bone health ally but also may be a supporter of digestive health through its pH balancing merits.

Heart and Muscle Function

heart muscle function.webp__PID:00529fe2-b0d6-4f76-be4f-0b440b6eb4d8

Coral calcium may play a crucial role in maintaining cardiac and skeletal muscle contractions, ensuring rhythm and movement integrity.

Electrolyte balance: Coral calcium may contribute to the regulation of crucial electrolytes, promoting heart function.
Contraction and relaxation: Adequate calcium levels are vital for muscle contractions and subsequently muscle relaxation.
Signal transduction: It facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses that govern heartbeats and muscle movements.
Energy metabolism: By participating in biochemical pathways, it supports the energy required for cardiac function.

Proper calcium intake is integral for sustaining the heart's pumping efficacy and muscular responsiveness.

The bioavailability of coral calcium may aid in its efficient utilization for heart and muscle health, offering noticeable benefits.