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Our Story



Harnessing Nature's Potential to Support Health and Wellness


The Coral family and the DeWitts sincerely thank you for your continued support. We acknowledge that we sold the company into the wrong situation, but we are back to rebuild and restore our name!

In 1994, my (Clint DeWitt III) journey with Coral began in an athletic club and took a turn when I discovered coral calcium water treatments, sparking a personal health transformation. Amazed by the quick relief I experienced; I invited my son (Clint DeWitt IV), to join me in an exciting new venture. Together in 1998, we formed Coral LLC and launched the flagship product, Coral Complex3. It was the world's first encapsulated Coral Calcium product, marking a significant moment in natural health. This launch wasn't just about a new product; it resonated worldwide, showcasing the possibilities for health improvements, and leading to rapid global recognition of our brand's health benefits.

We desired a clean toothpaste to match our clean supplements & decided to reinvent oral care. Recognizing the benefits of colloidal silver, we became early investors in Silver Biotics, knowing they align with our holistic wellness philosophy. What a powerful combination! Infused with Coral's trace minerals and the power of nano silver technology, our toothpaste stands out for being not just unique and pure, but also for setting a new standard in oral care. This dynamic fusion not only champions a clean conscious approach but also sets us apart in the industry, catering to discerning consumers who demand the best for their health. We believe in crafting solutions that promote healthy smiles without compromising the health of our customers or our planet.

Stewards of the Earth

Coral LLC is dedicated to bringing you nature's best through genuine, carefully crafted products. Our commitment goes beyond just making products; it's about hands-on involvement in every step from selecting pure ingredients to providing heartfelt customer service. As we grow, we're focused on keeping our experiences real and our products clean, without any unnecessary additives or chemicals.

We take pride in our natural, fossilized coral calcium that's free from pollutants and harvested with the environment in mind. Our coral comes from ancient reefs that have naturally risen above the sea, ensuring that they are not only pure but also packed with health benefits, keeping your well-being and the planet's health at the heart of what we do.

We maintain a strong commitment to the integrity of our supply chain, ensuring our products—from cruelty-free, non-toxic natural health goods to high-quality natural toothpaste—are safe for your family and the environment. Our responsible sourcing and production process means we never touch the ocean, protecting marine ecosystems and using only ancient, fossilized coral that’s free from modern pollutants. This sustainable approach is part of our broader mission to be stewards of the earth, working to preserve natural resources and support community well-being. Our hands-on approach to product development and customer service ensures an authentic experience for our consumers, reflecting our promise to unleash nature’s potential through pure and genuine products. We take pride in our growth and success, which stems from our dedication not just to personal health but also to environmental and social responsibility, educating consumers, and contributing to a healthier, more conscious world.

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Our Why

We believe a healthy body and planet improves the quality of life for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide everlasting smiles with our products and services from our family to yours.
We promise to unleash nature’s potential while our responsible sourcing and harvesting practices keep the planet thriving.


Our Why: A clean body and pure planet makes life better for everyone.

Our Mission is to revolutionize oral hygiene by simplifying the path to naturally clean and sustainable smiles, both for our valued customers and the precious planet we call home. We are dedicated to crafting innovative, eco-conscious solutions that empower individuals to achieve optimal oral health while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Our Promise: Helping you keep earth and bodies clean, healthy, and pure. Sustainably Fresh Oral Care, unleash nature's purity.


Clint DeWitt, Founder


Jason DeWitt, Founder


Cory Tholl, CEO


Stacy DeWitt


Jorge Cruces


Jenny Delema