Fluoride Free Toothpaste for Kids: Choosing a Fluoride Free Toothpaste To Keep Cavities Away

One of the best things that you can instill in your children’s lifestyle is a strong oral health routine.

Did you know that tooth decay is one of the biggest problems for children around the world, and something that we are super passionate about fixing?

Luckily, we believe this is a problem that can easily be reversed!

The habits that they form as youngsters will set them up to have strong teeth and gums for the rest of their life. As a parent, it is our duty to look after our young one’s teeth cleaning habits, providing them with the skills and tools to look after their oral hygiene.

Adults with healthy teeth start with habits formed as a kid. So if you are able to make your child value their oral hygiene routine and get excited about it, they are more likely to be proactive in protecting their teeth!

Tips to Get Kids Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

One of the best things you can do about getting your child passionate about their oral hygiene is to make it a fun and easy task. Here are our top tips to help you teach your child great oral hygiene habits that they will carry with them into adulthood.

1. Let them make some of their own choices  

When your child feels like they have more power in their oral hygiene routine, they will get more excited about it. So let them choose their dental hygiene products, such as their toothpaste or toothbrush. Even if you give them two options to choose from—both of which you know will be good for them—they will feel empowered to take ownership of using them!

2. The dentist does not have to be scary

One of the most important parts of your child’s hygiene routine is their regular visits to the dentist. But the majority of children get massive anxiety from visiting the dentist. So make visiting the dentist fun by giving them a reward afterward or making it into a fun game. If your child enjoys going to the dentist, they will be more encouraged to keep visiting as an adult.

3. Be their oral hygiene cheerleader 

Let your child feel empowered with their oral hygiene routine by being an avid encourager and letting them learn and grow throughout it. If they have questions, take the time to answer them. If they don’t enjoy the taste of a specific toothpaste, let them switch it up. If they are interested in a new sparkly toothbrush, let them get it.

4. Help them create a healthy diet 

No matter how strong your child’s oral hygiene routine is, they will still need to have a healthy diet to prevent cavities and gum disease from occurring. If your child has a sugar-heavy diet, their teeth will be at a higher risk of becoming damaged. Just like you take the time to talk to them about their oral hygiene routine, take the time to also talk to them about foods and drinks that will keep their teeth strong.

What kind of toothpaste does my child need? 

There is constant chatter amongst parents as to what type of toothpaste your child needs to be using. Children’s teeth are very different from adult teeth and need to be cared for differently, with different types of ingredients.

The good news is, there are many children’s toothpaste options to choose from—designed specifically with kid’s oral hygiene in mind. Here are some key things in mind when it comes to choosing the best toothpaste for your child.

1. A little goes a long way 

Children don’t need special “children’s” foaming toothpaste, which is commonly found amongst many brands. In fact, a small pea-sized amount of toothpaste will be more than enough to brush and clean all their teeth and gums with or without the foaming action. However, if you do want that foaming action, make sure to go with an all-natural, fluoride-free foaming toothpaste for your kid

2. Kids are generally better off without fluoride 

Children’s toothpaste comes with either having fluoride or no fluoride in it. Fluoride is a reputable natural chemical that can help strengthen teeth enamel and prevent cavities. However, fluoride can be dangerous for children, especially those that are likely to swallow toothpaste with fluoride in it. This is why there is a range of kid-friendly natural toothpastes that use natural ingredients to substitute fluoride in preventing cavities in children’s teeth.

3. Choose a kid-friendly toothpaste flavor 

To get children to enjoy brushing their teeth, the toothpaste needs to taste good. This is why a range of toothpastes use artificial sweetener and flavoring to make the toothpaste taste like bubble gum or candy. However, natural toothpastes like ours can still taste good without the artificial ingredients thanks to natural sweeteners like xylitol (which also strengthens teeth and fights plaque!). The natural option gives parents a bit more confidence that the ingredients in the toothpaste are safer for their kids—especially if it does end up getting swallowed. We also have our kid-favorite flavor, Bubble Berry, which is of course, made with all natural ingredients. 

Cavity-Fighting Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

For those that are wanting fluoride-free toothpaste in their child’s oral hygiene routine, there is generally one main concern around the fact that the lack of fluoride will put your child at a higher risk of developing cavities.

But the lack of fluoride in toothpaste does not necessarily mean that your teeth will not receive the same level of protection against cavities. In fact, natural toothpaste that is fluoride-free offers a new meaning of “clean” for your teeth, and our natural toothpaste does just that!

Our fluoride-free toothpaste uses a range of natural ingredients that can strengthen the enamel on teeth, improve the health of gums, and provide better overall oral hygiene. 

Here are our key ingredients that help clean and protect your child’s teeth without the use of fluoride

The Double Threat: Xylitol 

As explained earlier, Xylitol is used in our fluoride-free toothpaste as a natural sweetener, and is an ingredient we love. But it is also full of natural vitamins and minerals that can provide serious protection and strength to the enamel of your teeth. Xylitol is generally taken from natural products like mushrooms or goji berries and is a serious double threat for protecting your child’s teeth! Xylitol also reduces the amount of plaque on teeth and prevents bacteria from sticking on teeth! It certainly does a lot more than the artificial flavoring in bubble gum toothpaste. 

The Balance-Restorer: Coral Calcium 

While acid can provide a breeding ground for cavities, there are also ingredients like coral calcium that can neutralize those acids! Plus, it contains 73 essential vitamins and mineral to support your overall oral health. 

The Bacteria Killer: Nano Silver 

Our patented Nano Silver is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory and destroys bad bacteria by imploding them! Best of all, it destroys pathogenic bacteria without harming the good stuff in our mouths!

Keep the Dental Positivity Going

Children need to have specialized oral hygiene routines just like adults! It is important to work alongside your child’s dentist to develop an oral hygiene plan that is easy for them to execute and produces positive results for their oral health.

All-natural fluoride-free toothpaste is an increasingly popular option for parents to choose for their children. This is because they can have more confidence in the health benefits of using natural ingredients compared to chemicals and because they are instilling an eco-friendly hygiene habit that they will keep with them for years to come.

One of the best ways to keep children motivated to keep their oral hygiene routine up is to help them keep the cavities away. This is because it means that their visits to the dentist will be a lot less scary. And a great way to prevent cavities is by selecting the correct type of toothpaste for them specifically that compliments their diet and lifestyle, along with teaching them the proper brushing techniques.

Overall, fluoride-free toothpaste is able to successfully minimize the risk of children getting cavities because the natural ingredients that are most often used are just as effective as fluoride to protect children’s teeth and gums (and often come with added benefits, too, like soothing irritation and fighting bacteria!). 

But it is also important to remember that cavities can happen for children, no matter how diligent and thorough their oral hygiene routine is. And that is okay. What is important is to take the experience as a learning one and chat with both your child and dentist around adjustments that can be made to help lower the risk for cavities developing in the future.

You and your child can both have an enriching experience working together to create their oral hygiene routine and we hope you will let us join in on that routine with our extensive line of all-natural, kid-friendly, fluoride-free toothpaste





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