How To Get The Most Benefits of Silver

Silver is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to many antibiotic and antibacterial treatments. But why are people choosing silver over many commercially available alternatives? 

Silver can benefit your health by killing bacteria in your skin and on your mouth. Using silver instead of other antibacterial ingredients can also help to prevent some of the unpleasant side effects that those typical ingredients cause.

What Happens When You Ingest Silver?

Some metals, like copper and iron, are vital trace minerals. We need to ingest small amounts of these nutrients to keep our bodies functioning. 

Silver is not a nutrient. It poses no nutritional value at all. If you eat silver, none of your bodily systems know how to use it. Colloidal silver may be problematic when ingested. 

Silver nanoparticles will simply pass through your body.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is often touted as a miracle cure for many ailments. It comes in a tincture that is directed to be ingested at least once a day. The FDA does not endorse colloidal silver as a treatment or cure for any disease or ailment. 

Regularly ingesting high amounts of the larger silver particles in colloidal silver won’t do anything to improve your health. Instead, the body will become overwhelmed by high amounts of useless silver. This can lead to a condition called argyria.

Frequent colloidal silver users can develop this condition when the excess silver begins to settle into the body’s soft tissues. The silver turns the skin a blue or pewter color, and the condition cannot be reversed. 

There is no benefit to swallowing large amounts of colloidal silver. There are only risks. It’s best to avoid supplements containing colloidal silver. If you currently use colloidal silver supplements, speak with your doctor. 

Silver Nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles are extremely small silver particles that target bacteria on the skin and in the mouth. These particles aren’t intended to be ingested, but it isn’t dangerous to do so. 

Three comprehensive studies on silver nanoparticle ingestion have been reviewed by the FDA. The findings conclude that there is no risk to ingesting silver nanoparticles. Your system processes them out within 24 hours. 

Replacing Potentially Harmful Alternatives

One of the biggest benefits of silver comes in the things it doesn’t do. 

People who are looking to avoid the unpleasant side effects that come with other antibacterial ingredients will find that silver delivers without causing more problems than it solves. Nano silver is one of the gentlest ways to manage bacteria. It’s well-tolerated by the body and it doesn’t pose the risk for dangerous interactions.


Think about the way it feels to apply alcohol to a cut. If you have gingivitis and your gums bleed when you floss, think about what mouthwash feels like on your tender soft tissue. That sharp, burning, stinging feeling is something you dread, but you tolerate it because you feel as though you don’t have a choice. 

You do have a choice. You can choose a natural and gentle antibacterial ingredient like silver nanoparticles. Silver nanoparticles destroy bacteria cells without harming healthy tissues. They don’t dehydrate your skin the same way alcohol does. 

Nano silver won’t cause further irritation by disturbing sensitive skin or impacting your body’s natural biofilm within the mouth or lipid barrier protecting the skin.


Triclosan was a popular antibacterial ingredient for many years. As it would turn out, the ingredient is so inherently toxic that it’s mostly banned. The FDA requires every product formulated with triclosan be rigorously tested before it’s allowed to go to market. Very few products actually pass the test, and that’s why triclosan is so difficult to find. 

Triclosan is only somewhat effective at killing bacteria. It’s also extremely dangerous for the environment. When triclosan enters the public water supply or natural bodies of water, the sun helps to convert it into a toxic dioxide compound. Attempting to remove it with chlorine only makes the problem worse. When you add chlorine to the mix, what was once triclosan now becomes chloroform.

Chloroform is a colorless gas that smells pleasant. Its lack of immediate side effects makes it dangerous. People and animals can be impacted by chloroform gas without knowing they’ve been exposed. Chloroform will anesthetize and kill everything that lives in a natural body of water. It’s dangerous for humans to consume and may cause organ failure or death.

Nano silver does not react with other chemicals to create gasses or toxic compounds. Silver is a metal, rather than a chemical. It’s only interested in destroying bacteria, and it cannot transform into another substance. This is why nano silver is tremendously safer than triclosan.

The Overuse of Antibiotics

Triple antibiotic ointment is a first aid kit staple in nearly every household. We all know what the yellow tube looks like. Whenever we get a cut, burn, or a scrape, we grab that tube and rub the ointment on top. It helps the wound heal without developing an infection.

The only problem with these ointments is that they made antibiotics readily available. Antibiotic overuse can increase resistance in dangerous pathogens. The smart ones survive, and they go on to become even stronger. 

Nano silver kills bacteria in a way that antibiotics can’t. Rather than fighting them and leaving an opportunity for them to win, nano silver structurally destroys them. Nano silver isn’t so much of an ingredient as it is a catalyst for a reaction. 

The core of nano silver particles is coated with a special silver oxide called Ag404. This special coating is designed to steal electrons from bacterial cell walls, rather than to fight or disable the bacteria. 

Cell walls will always have electrons and silver will always steal them. Bacteria cannot build up a resistance to this reaction. If you hold a piece of paper over a candle flame, it will always burn. If you damage the integrity of a cell’s wall, it will always implode. 

Killing Pathogens

Silver can help to protect your health by killing pathogens that are intent on destroying it. MRSA, or methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, is a superbug that is notoriously hard to control. Every year, MRSA kills more people than AIDS. MRSA is resistant to most antibiotics, limiting effective treatment options that would otherwise help to get the infection under control.

Studies show that silver is effective at weakening and destroying MRSA bacteria, even when antibiotics cannot. Silver’s antibacterial properties can help to prevent the spread of infections, some of which may remain lethal even after properly treated with disease combatting medications. Silver works to keep you safe. 

Promoting Oral Health

Millions of bacteria live in your mouth. Some of them are beneficial, and others exist to cause plaque, cavities, bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. Brushing with a conventional toothpaste will help to remove some of these bacteria from your mouth, but it doesn’t actually do anything to destroy those bacteria.

Nano silver has been rigorously studied for its safety and effectiveness in oral care products

One particular study conducted by American Biotech Labs required participants to use nano silver oral care products twice a day for one week to evaluate their effects on gingivitis, dental plaque, inflammation, and bleeding.

More than 87% of participants reported a significant improvement, with 80% experiencing a major reduction in plaque. Bacteria are a major component of plaque, and destroying those bacteria can prevent plaque buildup that will ultimately become damaging tartar that is virtually impossible to remove at home

The soft tissue of your gums is just as vulnerable to bacteria as your teeth. Bacteria can cause infection and painful inflammation, typically leading to gingivitis. Over time, gingivitis can become a more serious form of periodontal disease. Gum tissue can shrink and recede, exposing the root of the tooth.

That’s why managing bad oral bacteria is absolutely necessary. If left unchecked, the damage they cause can lead to loss of teeth and permanent gum damage.

The Takeaway

Silver is not a dietary supplement or a trace mineral. It isn’t something that you need to eat in order to maintain your health. Instead, it’s a healthcare product in the same way that hand sanitizer, soap, or disinfectants are. It prevents you from becoming ill when bad bacteria seeks to do you harm. 

Be sure to use antibacterial silver products as directed and make sure you’ve seen safety studies. While drinking colloidal silver probably isn’t a wise idea, using nano silver oral care can be immensely helpful! 


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