Nano Silver Toothpaste: What is Nano Silver in Toothpaste and How Can it Protect Teeth?

Nano silver sounds more like a high tech weapon for killing vampires than it does a medical tool for killing bacteria, but the principal is the same. Pop culture that decided to get a little heavy on science taught us that silver has strong antibacterial properties that can kill viruses or mutations that are unhealthy for humans. Just watch The Strain and let Professor Abraham Setrakian explain it to you. 

Technology has made the antibacterial properties of silver available for a wide variety of medical applications, including oral hygiene. Toothpaste with nano silver can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and protected. 

The Applications of Silver Throughout the Decades

The idea that silver kills bacteria is not new. The very idea that we view silver dinnerware, cups, plates, and bowls as fancy status symbols stems from the fact that we’ve known for decades that silver kills germs

Wealthy people preferred to use silver dining equipment because they knew it promoted good health. Back when diseases were rampant and medical science wasn’t at a point where they could be easily managed, silver was seen as preventative healthcare.

Antibiotics did not exist until 1928. Before that, almost all health management came from folk medicine, home remedies, and the use of silver whenever possible. 

What is Nano Silver?

Nano silver is silver - just like the element on the periodic table. It’s the same thing that fine dinner trays and diamond rings are made of. Nano silver means that the particles are treated differently. Instead of one big block of solid silver, silver is broken down into separate smaller particles.

Silver can be configured in a myriad of ways. Nano silver technology uses Ag404 silver molecules. Ag404 molecules are technically incomplete. They’re looking to steal electrons thousands of electrons from something else. In this case, they’re eager to steal electrons from bacteria. When the electrons that hold the cells of the bacteria together are stolen away, bacteria cannot function as bacteria. 

For that matter, they cannot function as anything at all. They lose all structural integrity and essentially become meaningless. Meaningless and incomplete bacteria cannot harm anything at all. They become useless, amorphous, disintegrated blobs that the body flushes away. 

The Difference Between Nano Silver and Other Silvers

It’s an established fact that silver destroys bacteria. Most silver, like colloidal silver, is only capable of stealing electrons in a one-to-one ratio. One ion of silver will steal one electron from a cell of bacteria. It definitely works, but it takes a boatload of silver or numerous applications to completely destroy an entire colony of bacteria.

The difference is in the core of nano silver. The Ag404 oxide coating on the core of every molecule is the key to making the enhancement so productive. Rather than being an inadvertent byproduct of its existence, like with conventional silver, Ag404 is engineered specifically to cause as much havoc for bacteria as possible.  Nano silver with this coating steals up to a thousand times more electrons, which is why it’s more effective. It’s designed with no other purpose than to seek electrons to steal. 

How Nano Silver Keeps Working

Nano silver does a great job of destroying bacteria. It effectively pillages their structure, leaving nothing behind. Nano silver can be used in higher concentrations than most antibacterial agents, since it is entirely nontoxic. If you were to drink nano silver every day for the rest of your life, it wouldn’t have any impact on you. The available potency of nano silver combined with the scope of its power will continue to protect your teeth after you brush. 

It may sound silly, but nano silver turns existing bacteria into cannibal zombies. Nano silver is not designed to kill bacteria on contact, but to damage and infect them like a deadly disease that will wipe out an entire colony. 

Nano silver is very thirsty for electrons, so it takes thousands of electrons that are easy to steal. Bacterial cell membranes are soft, because they’re designed to rapidly spread and reproduce. Nano silver loves how easy bacteria is to rob, and it depletes the fabric that holds them together and keeps them stable. It steals all the electrons it possibly can. 

Bacteria that have had all their electrons stolen are too weak and disabled to fulfill their duty of spreading infection. Nano silver punches so many holes in the membranes of bacteria that they begin to soak up excess silver, carrying it around with them. They try to regroup, and they wind up leeching out this silver. The silver damages bacteria that didn’t even come into initial contact with the nano silver solution. The bacteria spreads silver like the plague among themselves, forcing them to kill each other.

This chain reaction continues even after you’ve finished brushing your teeth. The bacteria that remain are left with the prime directive to kill each other until the entire colony is gone. It’s almost insane to think that this is what’s happening to the microscopic particles inside your mouth, but the problem continues to completely handle itself. 

Nano Silver Efficiency Studies

It almost sounds too good to be true. How effective can high tech nano silver be at keeping your mouth clean? It challenges every idea we have about killing bacteria. It’s far from a conventional antibacterial agent, and it works by disarming bacteria to death rather than killing them on contact. The approach is radically different, and although it’s unconventional, it’s extremely productive. 

To date, there have been more than 400 comprehensive studies on nano silver’s ability to mitigate bacteria. These studies have been conducted by more than 60 reputable research institutions and universities. Every study produced sufficient evidence of efficiency. 

American Biotech Labs conducted the most comprehensive study of nano silver technology in toothpaste. The group was selected because its participants lived with gingivitis, dental plaque, inflammation, and dental bleeding. The study required participants to use nano silver toothpaste twice a day for two weeks. Participants weren’t asked to change anything else about their lifestyles.
One week into the study, 87.5% of participants showed a significant improvement in their dental health. By the end of the study, 80% saw a significant reduction in dental plaque, and 70% saw an overall reduction in inflammation. The results of the study suggest that not only is nano silver toothpaste effective, but the results come quickly. 

Nano Silver Safety

The FDA has conducted three separate studies relating to the safety of nano silver when ingested, and found that it poses no issue. American Biotech Labs came to the same conclusion. While you shouldn’t eat your toothpaste, it’s helpful to know that the small amounts you may inadvertently swallow pose no risk whatsoever to your health. There is no toxicity or risk associated with drinking straight nano silver on a daily basis. The small amount in your toothpaste is undoubtedly safe. 

All nano silver particles pass through the body, along with the bacteria they commandeered and destroyed, within 24 hours. The body does not even attempt to metabolize it. There are no lingering effects and there is virtually no potential for nano silver to accumulate in the body. 

Using Nano Silver In Your Oral Care Routine

The perfect oral care routine begins with the perfect toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes with all the bells and whistles won’t do much more for your teeth than a simple soft bristled toothbrush. Your toothbrush should be replaced every three months for sanitary purposes and efficiency purposes. Bacteria can accumulate on a toothbrush, and over time, the bristles begin to splay. 

If you use an eco friendly compostable toothbrush, you can safely toss your toothbrush out as often as you need. They’re inexpensive and they won’t damage the environment. 

You should also be flossing at least once a day, optimally before bedtime. Brushing your teeth won’t completely remove the food particles and bacteria that build up in the tiny gaps and crevices between your teeth - only floss has that power. 

Using a natural mouthwash will help to loosen and wash away remaining debris. It’s even better to use a natural mouthwash infused with nano silver, as this jumpstarts the process of mass bacterial death. Brushing for two minutes with a nano silver toothpaste will help you directly apply bacteria fighting particles to the bacteria in your mouth. 


Science and technology make the world go round. Staggering innovation has given us the gift of safe, natural, and highly effective antibacterial agents like nano silver. This highly potent alternative uses a completely different approach to rid the mouth of bacteria that causes tartar, plaque, gum disease, and bad breath. 

Since silver is a naturally occurring element, the technology itself is natural. Before now, many people never entertained the thought that it’s possible to have a natural solution that is also a high tech solution.  Think of nano silver as a bioweapon that is capable of destroying so many of the things that are attempting to harm your body. 


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