Natural Bamboo Charcoal Teeth Whitener Toothpaste: Can Activated Charcoal Actually Whiten Teeth?

You know the saying, a brush a day keeps the dentist away?

Brushing our teeth is one of the most important parts of our day and ensures that our mouth maintains pristine health. There is a reason that people have been brushing their teeth for centuries

One of the happiest parts of our appearance is our smile. It shows that we are friendly, confident, and kind. But we want a smile that we are proud of, which is why our oral health is so important. Because the more we look after our teeth, the better condition they will be in. The last thing any of us want to have is a toothless grin!

Luckily, there are a lot of natural oral health products like charcoal teeth whitener toothpaste that are designed to enhance our oral health. But before we go into too much detail around why activated charcoal is really good for your teeth, we want to remind you why it is important to put extra care into looking after our teeth.

First, Why Your Oral Health Matters 

We all want teeth that we are proud to show off with a massive smile. But in order to keep up a beautiful smile, we need to look after our oral health. When we don’t brush and floss our teeth on a daily basis, we risk a series of health problems that our poor mouths could face that ultimately risk us losing our teeth altogether!

But luckily, there is a range of things that we can do to protect our teeth and keep a beautiful grin going!

Look Out For the Signs 

Common signs of unhealthy teeth include your teeth changing color or shape, increased tooth sensitivity, or early signs of decay like a black mark or easily chipped tooth. If you notice any of these things, you should book a dentist appointment as soon as possible so that they can enact preventative measures to keep you from losing your tooth. Sometimes though, we can’t always tell the signs ourselves. This is why making time for your twice a year dental check-up is very much recommended, as they can spot the early signs for you, too!

Strengthen Your Teeth

One of the best things we can do to protect our teeth is to keep them strong. Tooth enamel is super important for helping your teeth fight off the risk of cavities or tooth decay and something we aim to enhance in our own oral hygiene line.  One of the best ways to keep your tooth enamel strong is by brushing your teeth with quality toothpaste that is designed to do just that!

Avoid the Sugary Stuff 

As much as we love it, sugar is the number one enemy to our teeth. Too much sugar in our diet can cause our teeth to become stained, allow cavities to form, and result in unhealthy, overly sensitive gums. Being conscious of what we eat on a daily basis is another great natural solution to ensuring our oral health is in tip-top shape!

We All Want Whiter Teeth 

No surprise here, we all want whiter teeth! The good news is, there are a whole range of natural products that allow us to whiten our teeth on our own without having to make expensive trips to the dentist.

Even if you do take great care of your teeth, we all risk our teeth losing some of our whiteness due to the enamel becoming stained. Here are six natural solutions to whiten your teeth:

  • Baking soda: While many people consider baking soda to be a kitchen necessity, it also has proven benefits for whitening your teeth. In fact, several kinds of toothpaste are made with baking soda for this very reason!
  • Hydrogen peroxide: This is another natural bleaching agent that equally zaps out any bad bacteria. It is commonly paired up with baking soda in many kinds of toothpaste.
  • Pineapple: This one is a strange one, but studies have shown eating pineapple also helps whiten the teeth! This is because pineapple naturally contains bromelain—which is a natural enzyme that is able to get rid of tooth stains! So you can use toothpaste that has bromelain in it and eat a fresh pineapple a day too.
  • Activated charcoal: This type of toothpaste is becoming more and more popular for its tooth whitening abilities. Activated charcoal is able to bleach your teeth naturally thanks to its ability to fight plaque off your teeth while also providing your teeth with a natural detox.
  • Nano Silver: Our patented ingredient is able to provide a natural antimicrobial benefit to toothpaste while still remaining fluoride-free, and that’s something that we believe makes our Nano Silver oral hygiene products stand out amongst the rest.  That deserves the gold medal if you ask us!

  • So, What’s the Deal with Charcoal Toothpaste?

    This year seems to be the year of all the health and wellness trends. One of the biggest involves activated charcoal and the range of health benefits your body can get from it. This is where charcoal toothpaste has become such a big deal, as one of the biggest benefits argued is that it helps whiten your teeth. 

    All-natural, fluoride-free toothpaste, like charcoal toothpaste, offers us a solution to keeping bright and beautiful teeth without having to bleach them with chemicals and other products that could be harmful to our body. 

    But what actually is charcoal toothpaste? Well, it is literally activated charcoal that is made from sustainable bamboo. So, you guessed it, the toothpaste itself will actually be black like charcoal!

    Keep in mind too, charcoal toothpaste is not the only natural fluoride free toothpaste to help you out too, as there are many natural toothpastes here to keep your teeth and gums healthy! 

    What Are the Actual Benefits?

    The benefits of modern toothpaste, like charcoal tooth whitener toothpaste, are an absolute game-changer. But why? Not only is it always recommended to use naturally made oral hygiene products for anything in our body, but the activated charcoal itself produces a whole range of benefits for our teeth! 

    Here are some of the key benefits of brushing our teeth with activated charcoal.

    Your Teeth Get Whiter

    Don’t let the black colored toothpaste deceive you, this toothpaste helps naturally bleach your teeth white! While the level of whiteness depends on a range of factors including how frequently you brush your teeth, consistently using charcoal toothpaste does enhance the whiteness of your teeth. That is a pretty impressive result when the only real change you have to make is the type of toothpaste you use.

    It Kills All the Germs 

    Charcoal toothpaste gets rid of all the bad stuff in your mouth in a natural way. This is great news because with fewer germs in your mouth, the less risk you face of developing gum sensitivity and cavities! A germ-free mouth is the healthiest kind of mouth!

    Your Breath Will Smell Great 

    Natural products create naturally great results. And charcoal toothpaste does just that when it comes to allowing your mouth to feel and smell fresh. By using natural ingredients with the activated charcoal, like goji or aloe leaf juice, your mouth is going to smell as amazing as it feels.

    There Will Be Less Dry Mouth

    One of the negative side effects of using non-natural toothpaste is that you tend to have dry mouth. This is because the chemical ingredients dry out your entire mouth, often providing some level of irritation or discomfort. Charcoal toothpaste only uses natural sweeteners and vitamin compounds to rid your mouth of all the bad stuff while ensuring it does not feel dry or irritated afterward.

    It Tastes Really Good

    One of the reasons that people tend to go for fluoride toothpaste is that it has yummy flavors like bubble gum. But charcoal toothpaste also tastes good! Without using any chemical sweeteners, this type of toothpaste relies on natural ingredients that not only get rid of any fungus or bacteria but equally leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth. There is a range of flavors that you can choose from, including minty fresh or berry sweet. Just because it is black does not mean the toothpaste is without a whole spectrum of flavors!

    It’s not just charcoal activated toothpaste that offers synthetic-free goodness with some good flavors either!

    Coral’s Nano Silver toothpaste bundle offers Mint, Bubble Berry, and Cinnamon Tea Tree while boasting all-natural, science-proven ingredients made to support your dental health!

    Why You Need to Try Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

    If you are wanting a natural solution to whiter and healthier teeth, you should give any type of fluoride free toothpaste a try. While charcoal is a great natural alternative, there are many other products that produce similar results to your teeth as would toothpaste full of fluoride but done in a much more natural way!

    As mentioned earlier, there are numerous natural hacks to whitening your teeth, that range from the ingredients in your toothpaste to what you eat on a daily basis. But charcoal toothpaste provides you with more than just the benefit of whitening your teeth. It gives you the comfort of knowing that you are using natural ingredients, protects you from having to experience dry mouth, eliminates dangerous germs that can harm your teeth, and tastes really good!

    We all want to give ourselves the best oral health possible and fluoride free toothpaste options are  proving to be a great solution to achieve just that. While all of us have different teeth needs, we all want whiter and healthier teeth. Brushing our teeth with activated charcoal toothpaste does just that and more.

    As always, you should have a chat with your dentist to discuss your own oral health plan and how what type of fluoride free toothpaste can help you get a healthier and brighter smile that you are proud of.


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