The Dangers of Fluoride in Toothpaste

Your smile is the first thing someone notices about you. Whether it’s straight, crooked, yellow, or white, your smile is what someone new, someone special, or a complete stranger will see first. So, your smile is something you should want to protect – and that starts with the toothpaste you’re brushing it with.

You meticulously brush your teeth every morning and night with the same toothpaste that you have been using for decades now. Not once have you checked the ingredient list on the box; Not once did you realize that you were exposing your body to heaving amounts of harmful chemicals; Not one did you think twice about this little tube. When you go to brush your teeth tonight, check the fine print – there may be something listed there that can have detrimental effects on your mental health.

Fluoride. Fluoride is found amongst the number of chemicals featured in the most popular brand name toothpastes. A Harvard research study highlighted the fact that 70% of the United States’ drinking water is treated with fluoride in an attempt to help prevent cavities. Fluoride serves its purpose in this aspect, but it comes as a price: This study demonstrates that continued exposure to the chemical can have negative effects on your IQ and overall mental well-being.

You can’t take the fluoride out of your tap water, but you can take it out of your toothpaste. Doing so limits your exposure to the chemical and limits you and your family’s risk of experiencing the scary side effects that can follow prolonged exposure.

If you have children, think of their futures. Think of the fact that fluoride exposure has been linked to neurological defects. In the same Harvard study, researchers determined that prolonged exposure to fluoride led to an increased risk of mental retardation and an overall lower IQ in children compared to those who had minimal exposure to the chemical. This finding is supported by the fact that 23 other human studies and 100 animal studies have also found a link between fluoride exposure and intellectual defects.

One of the major reasons dentists encourage parents to provide their children with fluoride toothpaste is to build healthy, strong teeth from a young age. However, fluoride has only been proven to strengthen teeth at the surface level, whereas long-lasting, true bone strength comes from within the body itself. And while there is not a direct health threat from brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, there is a proven threat from swallowing this type of toothpaste - which brings us back to the main point: Bodily strength comes from, and is weakened from, within us.

What you put in your body is a direct determination of your physical and mental health. If you fill it with fluoride - like with tap water and certain brand name toothpastes - then you are inflicting damage to your intellectual development. You should be taking advantage of products that promote a healthy body and mind - and even add strength to and brighten up your smile - including having an all-natural toothpaste like Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste.

Even if you’ve been exposed to fluoride in the past, either through tap water or fluoride toothpaste, you always have the opportunity to change the future. By switching to an all-natural, fluoride free toothpaste like Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste, you are ensuring that your smile will continue to shine and bright as your mind.

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