Toothpaste with Aloe Vera: How Can Aloe Vera Be Used for Gum Health?

When it comes to selecting a toothpaste, we all want to be using the one that produces the most positive overall results for our oral hygiene. This means lowering the risk of getting cavities, ensuring that our gums are strong and not too sensitive, and minimizing the chances of bad breath occurring.

Toothpaste is not the only solution to ensuring that our gums are healthy and protected. In fact, many experts recommend using mouthwash as a great aid to maintain oral health.

Our overall oral hygiene comes down to the combination of the type of toothbrush we use, the type of toothpaste we use, the diligence we have with flossing, and our dietary choices we make throughout the day. And of course, not neglecting our regular visits to the dentist!

We live in an era where it has never been easier to get access to oral hygiene products that are designed to improve our oral health and be tailored to our individual oral hygiene needs. There is a range of brands that offer different products that can help us create an oral-hygiene routine that is eco-friendly, safe, and sustainable.

But one of the most important components in ensuring we have great oral hygiene is the type of toothpaste we use.

Types of Toothpaste 

Back in the day, there was not a wide selection of toothpaste at our disposal. But thanks to the advancement of oral health care and dentistry, we are now almost overwhelmed by the variety of toothpaste we can choose from!

Here are the different types of toothpaste available to us in the year 2020:

  • Whitening toothpaste: This type of toothpaste is designed with the main goal of whitening our teeth. This type of toothpaste is often a bit more expensive as vanity does often come with a price tag! The big con to this though is that with the toothpaste’s main priority not being to strengthen your teeth but rather whiten them, you risk reducing the strength of your enamel over time by using this type of toothpaste too much, plus it’s not great for sensitive mouths. 
  • Enamel repair toothpaste: This type of toothpaste is designed with the main goal of ensuring your teeth remain strong and something we strive to do. The main ingredient is usually calcium (we use coral calcium!) to help aid in enhancing the strength of the enamel of your teeth. But while it does aim to offer the best type of protection, it is only able to offer a temporary layer of protection, meaning your teeth are still at risk.
  • Sensitive toothpaste: This type is designed for people who have sensitive teeth and gums. This toothpaste is very gentle and generally doesn’t have strong ingredients that can irritate teeth. Rather, it’s a remedy so you don’t have to suffer through the discomfort.
  • Anti-cavity toothpaste: This type of toothpaste is designed with the main goal of preventing cavities from occurring on your teeth. They tend to have higher levels of fluoride to give your teeth a boost of protection from dangerous acids and bacteria while also strengthening the enamel at the same time.
  • Natural toothpaste: This type of toothpaste is designed to both protect your teeth and use only natural ingredients, often combining all of the above benefits. Having natural ingredients in your toothpaste is a great way to use a toothpaste that reduces your oral hygiene waste. Our all natural toothpaste, for example, includes coral calcium, Nano Silver, and xylitol, and offers benefits for anti-cavity protection, keeping plaque off teeth, soothing gums, and killing bacteria, all in one tube!

What is Aloe Vera Toothpaste?

Aloe vera is commonly associated with being the best remedy to cure your sunburn. It is not the first thing that jumps to mind when it comes to ingredients to improve your oral hygiene.

However, aloe vera is described as a “wonder plant” that can improve your oral health. Aloe vera is actually a succulent that is most commonly found in Africa but is able to provide health benefits to people all around the world.

Aloe vera itself is most commonly used as an ingredient for various types of food flavoring, cosmetic products, herbal remedies, and now dental hygiene products like toothpaste. Here are some of the most common benefits aloe vera can provide you with:

  • Relieving sunburns: Because of the soothing properties that aloe vera naturally provides, it is synonymous with being a sunburn soother for those who have irritated skin after spending all day outside. It is created into a gel substance you can easily spread onto your body.
  • Soothing constipation: As gross as it sounds, aloe vera can help reduce the pain you feel from constipation. For this to work, aloe vera is put into a tablet form that people can easily swallow.
  • Ulcers: Some people develop really painful ulcers on their feet, often those who suffer from diabetes. Aloe vera in a gel form can help heal these ulcers and protect the wounds from re-opening and getting infected.
  • Antioxidant properties: This plant comes with a ton of antioxidant properties that produce great health results for you! For example, aloe vera is able to attack some forms of bacteria that very few other agents are able to naturally do! Our body is always craving antioxidants to stay healthy and aloe vera provides us with just that.
  • Teeth and gums: This natural remedy has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are able to provide some remarkable healing powers for both your teeth and gums, as stated by Science Daily. So when aloe vera is used in natural toothpaste, it is able to help reduce swelling or irritation of the gums, provide relief to the pain, the fight of bacteria, and treat gum infections.

Aloe vera toothpaste is one of many ingredients found in natural toothpaste that are available out on the market and here to help your oral hygiene. It is the perfect plant ingredient to provide natural protection and strength to our oral hygiene and one that is equally environmentally friendly and chemical-free! One of the biggest benefits of aloe vera toothpaste is the range of ways in which they can help keep your gums healthy.

How Aloe Vera Toothpaste Helps Your Gums

Using toothpaste with aloe vera can have incredible benefits for your gums and also in fighting off cavities. Here are some of the key ways that this “wonder plant” is able to achieve such great results for your oral health!

1. Can help with gingivitis 

When we don’t take good enough care of our oral hygiene, we risk developing a gum disease called gingivitis as a result of too much plaque build up around our gum tissues. Gingivitis is a very uncomfortable oral disease that can cause us a great deal of discomfort, inflammation, and even bleeding. One of the most common ways to address gingivitis is through a thorough cleaning from a dentist, but aloe vera toothpaste is an at-home solution you can use as well! Studies have shown that aloe vera in toothpaste helps not only heal the disease but drastically reduce the inflammation in the impacted area.

2. Can also help with periodontitis

While gingivitis is the most common gum disease, another painful one that can develop on your gums is called periodontitis, which can ultimately destroy your teeth altogether. When you suffer from this disease, you risk your teeth moving, your breath smelling horrible ,and your gum line receding. One way to prevent the disease from getting out of control and requiring surgery is using toothpaste with aloe vera, which drastically reduces swelling in the gums and can also fight off the bacteria that is causing the disease in the first place.

3. Helps with canker sores and cold sores 

Another really frustrating oral hygiene issue many people suffer from is canker and cold sores. These develop on the gums as a result of bad bacteria and acid and can cause a great deal of discomfort. Aloe vera toothpaste is able to not only help reduce the irritation caused by these sores but also prevent them from occurring altogether!

Should you use aloe vera toothpaste?

It is important to remember that each person’s oral hygiene is drastically different, so each person needs to have an individualized oral hygiene routine.

For many people, selecting natural toothpaste is a great solution for a range of reasons. One of those being that a lot of these natural toothpastes include aloe vera as a key ingredient. When we use aloe vera toothpaste, we are able to prevent gum irritation and disease from developing and also offer a soothing treatment for dealing with existing discomfort in the gum area.

As with any dental hygiene product, you should always discuss your plan with your dentist first. They have a great understanding of your oral hygiene needs and how using aloe vera toothpaste can help you specifically.

With so many different types of toothpaste accessible to us, it is important to get the toothpaste that is right for you. For many people, aloe vera toothpaste is a good solution as it provides them with remedies to help with their sore and sensitive gums, ensuring their teeth maintain a high level of protection from cavities. 

However, the big downfall to aloe vera toothpaste is that companies focus so much on aloe vera as an ingredient that they depend on aloe vera entirely to do all the heavy lifting, and while it’s great for oral hygiene, it can’t do as much on its own as a combination of teeth-supporting ingredients can! That’s why although coral calcium and Nano Silver both have awesome teeth-positive properties on their own, we combine those two ingredients with a select handful of other natural ingredients that can work together to fight plaque, bacteria, cavities, and inflammation, all together!

So is aloe vera toothpaste any good? Sure! But arguably not as good as a toothpaste with tons of science to back its carefully selected ingredients! Happy brushing!


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